5 S’s- Future Story- 4th Grade

Many of our children grow up in families that are very focused on the proverbial here-and-now. There isn t a lot of planning or preparation for the future. Consequently, finishing school, going to college, or holding down a job are pretty ambiguous ideas. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most respond: NBA or NFL player, movie star, singer or rapper, or other unlikely careers. And just as Rome wasn t built in a day, the path toward helping our kids have a more tangible, realistic future story is going to take years. Fourth grade is merely the beginning of our journey!

–Feel out their thoughts on college, marriage, and a job

–Ask questions about their family heritage

–Introduce them to your family and friends

–Research their favorite sports player s stats and journey together

–Begin exposing them to new places

–Attend a concert, sporting event, or play and talk through what it takes to be famous


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