5 S’s- Future Story- 12th Grade

Senior year is a year of decisions! Help your protege think through decisions about post-HS plans but give your protege the freedom to make his or her own choices (even if they are very different than what your story looked like directly after high school). As your protege applies for trade school, college, etc., help him or her stick to deadlines, look for resources (for example, financial aid), and navigate the process. When a kid s family is not process-oriented, the idea of working with firm deadlines may be new to them, so help make sure that your protege and his or her parents understand the application process clearly. Pray with your kid about his or her future, and rest in God s sovereignty as tough decisions are being made!

–Go on college or trade school visits with your protege to help them think through their interests and options for the future

–Print out a calendar of deadlines for your protege to put on his or her wall. This will help keep them remember

–If your protege is either anxious or apathetic about the future, speak truth and encouragement into his or her life. Pray together and press your protege to trust the Lord deeply!


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