5 S’s- Future Story- 11th Grade

At around 16 or 17, your protege is on the cusp of adulthood (even if he or she doesn t feel like it). Help them to see this and to understand that one of the distinguishing characteristics of an adult is the ability to make decisions and plan for the future. Young people may have difficulty seeing the connection between the patterns they have built in their life now and how that will affect their future. Help them connect the dots. As leading questions that allow them to think about how their current decisions will impact the future on their own.

–Take your protege on a college tour or career fair of their choosing

–Challenge your protege to write their future story, including a plan to serve ‚Ä®their neighborhood

–Consider sharing parts of your story– decisions that you made as a teenager ‚Ä®that were both helpful and unhelpful in setting you up for future success


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