5 S’s- Sex- 4th Grade

While, in some cultures, it isn t the norm for a 4th grade child to need to talk extensively through sex and sexual behavior, however talking about sex and sexuality early is very important. The culture these children are growing up within is highly sexual. Some of our children are naïve to the realities that surround them on the streets, in their schools, on TV, from the Internet, etc., but the some are not. So, a good plan of action is to ask good questions and scope out their knowledge and awareness. Their answers should not be followed up with a lecture but rather with you approaching as a listener and learner. You will find that much ground is gained as you win your child s trust, especially in this area!

—Get to know your protege s extended family to see what example is being set for them

—Have lunch with them at school to see how they interact with the opposite sex

—Find an age appropriate book to read on this topic together

—Bring their friends along on a hangout- you may find out more about your ‚Ä®protege as they share stories about each other

—Begin to build the comfort level in talking through things


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