2015 CoH Staff Summer Reading Suggestions

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Here at Champions of Hope, we believe that readers are leaders. We continually want to learn from a variety of people concerning a variety of topics. Below is a list from the program staff here with recommendations for books for you to read this summer. Find one you like below– and remember to use Amazon Smile if you buy through Amazon.

Zach’s Suggestions

Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers by Chap Clark

Written by a Ph.D / Practitioner, Chap Clark, who gets to the heart of the deep wounds of adolescents. Clark explains how the many problems we observe in our young people are generally the basket of fruit that stem from the root of abandonment.

Who is Jesus by Greg Gilbert (9Marks)

This short read is a clear explanation of the person and work of Jesus. This resource is helpful in unearthing the unique qualities of Jesus while seeking to connect the reader to God through Him. (A good book study to read with older proteges.)

Megan’s Suggestions

Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson

This book talks about issues of race and justice through a compassionate, insightful, gracious, and very human lens.

A Praying Life, Paul Miller

This book will challenge you to think about the role prayer plays in your life and help you grow in practical, tangible ways.

Nathan’s Suggestions

“Jesus + Nothing = Everything” – Tullian Tchividjian

Very good book on how Christ is sufficient for salvation.

“Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart” – JD Greear

Small, easy to read book on assurance. I read it last year and learned quite a bit.

Christina’s Suggestions

To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller

With the mindset that good dads are as rare as a dragon, Miller tackles the difficulties his life faced as a boy growing up without a father. Topics such as identity, money, women, religion, fatherhood, etc are tackled and shown to be lacking greatly without the role model of a dad. Since the vast majority of the kids in our program don’t know their father or he plays a very minimal role in their lives, this book can help mentors understand and help their proteges work through some of the issues that arise growing up physically or emotionally fatherless.

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

Fresh out of high school, Katie follows the Lord’s leading to economically strained Uganda. Quickly falling in love with the people and children there, she ends up staying and adopting 13 children and caring for thousands of others through a school program she started. The lessons she learned about how to love, how to let go of self, and how to let others into her heart and life are powerful and needed for us as well. Her raw, open honesty cuts right to the heart of issues many mentors face.

Billy’s Suggestions

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

This powerful book explores mass incarceration of black and brown men and the systemic injustices that have lead to this phenomenon.

A Thousand Resurrections by Maria Garriott

The true story of a one couple’s journey as a urban missionaries in inner city Baltimore.


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